Why Choose Premier Podiatry?

Although there are many foot and ankle specialists in the St. Louis area to choose from, Dr. Frank, Dr. Forsbach, and Dr. George should be your choice for all your podiatric needs. We are foot and ankle surgeons and are trained and skilled in conservative and surgical treatment of conditions related to the foot and ankle. We always emphasize importance of conservative treatment first but also know that sometimes surgical treatment is necessary. 

Since we have electronic records, your chart and records will always be up-to-date and available to you should you need them. Because we use digital X-rays, we are capable of burning them to disc for you should you ever need copies. Having X-rays in digital form has the added benefit of having the best and quickest processor to help shorten your time spent in the office, as well as eliminating harmful chemical products from the environment.  

One of the newer devices in our office is a Diagnostic Ultrasound device, able to evaluate soft tissue injuries, plantar fascia/tendon inflammation and tears, stress fractures, foreign bodies and soft tissue masses/cysts. 

Our E-prescribing service will offer the convenience of having the prescription sent to your pharmacy without the need for a paper Rx, which you might lose in your wallet/purse. This allows the pharmacy to have your prescription ready when you arrive. E-prescribing also ensures that your prescription will be filled correctly without any hand-written miscommunication with the pharmacist.

Additionally, appointments will not be moved last minute unless the doctors have a true emergency. 

Emergency after-hours calls will be handled directly by Dr. Frank, Dr. Forsbach, or Dr. George, so you do not have to bother waiting through answering services, nurses or answering machines to get a hold of your surgeon. After all, who wants to wait around in an emergency?

Modern medicine requires constant training to keep up with the latest techniques, medication and technology. Our doctors stay up-to-date with the latest treatment options that apply to the foot and ankle, making the best and most cost-effective options available to you here in St. Louis. This includes the recent use of Extracoporeal Shockwave Therapy and Topaz radiofrequency coblation for chronic plantar fasciitis, Graft Jacket tendon and fat pad repair for the foot and ankle, and the latest in bunion correction techniques. 

Finally, know that our doctors are determined to work with you, listen to you and develop a treatment plan that works with your schedule and has your best interest at heart.


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